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We are a proudly Latin American startup, but because we want to reach the whole world we share most of our internal communication and knowledge in English. This is why this section will not be in Spanish, although we love both languages.

We are a remote-first team of hard-working individuals, who are deeply focused on changing the way millions of people take care of their health. At the same time, we are creating an autonomous & progressive way of work, where people set out to achieve greatness-together.

If you share this motivation too, join us! These are the current available jobs:


When it comes to our benefits, we do our best to provide relevant and competitive coverage to our team. We want to make sure you are making the right choice when joining us:

Competitive cash compensation
Employee stock options plan (for 90% of our roles)
Flexible & remote-first way of work
Sofía’s health insurance
20 days of vacation
Extended parental leave
Learning and development stipend
Learning and development stipend
Home office set-up
Sofía’s offsite (once a year)
Co-working space in Mexico City

We strive to be a workplace where people feel valued and at the same time challenged to foster their careers in the long run. We recognize that to achieve this, there needs to be a focused, fast-paced work environment and a commitment from us all to live by our Principles & Behaviors explained next.

Our culture

At Sofía we see our culture as something we “do” not as something we “have”. It is defined in Principles & Behaviors, which guide our “doing” and each decision we make, serving as the path we follow to develop our team and achieve our mission:

Our soci@s come first

That is it, soci@s are the priority
This means we are focused on improving people’s health, and the thing that matters the most is delivering value to our soci@s, always.

We raise the bar

Work hard, do quality work that creates real value and makes you proud
This means we don’t like meh work, we push ourselves and others to achieve great outcomes with high speed and continuous improvement.

We are First-Principled thinkers

Challenge conventional wisdom to solve the underlying problem
This means we dive deep into understanding problems, and we dare to take risks to create the right solutions.

We are in this together

Rely on each other, stay committed, and give a damn
This means we follow through with our words and actions, acknowledge our mistakes, support each other, and stay together when things get hard.

If you liked what you just read, give it a try and apply for a job! We are looking forward to welcome you as a part of the team.

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